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SLSG Adds A Second ECNL Boys Program for 2021-2022, Joins New ECNL Conference

SLSG Adds A Second ECNL Boys Program for 2021-2022, Joins New ECNL Conference


SLSG Adds A Second ECNL Boys Program for 2021-2022, Joins New ECNL Conference.


In connection with the newly formed Heartland Conference of the Elite Clubs National League, St. Louis Scott Gallagher has added a second ECNL Boys Program for the upcoming 2021-2022 season. Along with the existing SLSG ECNL Boys Program, the SLSG Missouri Elite Boys Program will join the ECNL and make the club a two-program ECNL club. This opportunity gives SLSG the ability to provide competition and experiences of top-level youth platforms to even more players across the club. “St. Louis Scott Gallagher is incredibly excited about adding our Missouri Elite teams to the Boys ECNL Platform. This will give us 2 programs in the platform which provides us with the ability to give more players the ability to grow and develop. ECNL has proven themselves as one of the leaders in youth soccer across the country. Their structure, organization and club talent pool is something we are looking forward to being a part of.  We want to thank the ECNL for this opportunity and we look forward to getting started in the Heartland Conference for the 2021-22 season” said Brad Davis, SLSG Club President.


The Heartland Conference will consist of six other new members to the ECNL along with SLSG’s two programs: Kansas City Scott Gallagher (Kansas City, MO), FC Wichita (Wichita, KS), Sporting Omaha (Omaha, NE), Gretna Elite Academy (Gretna, NE), Sporting Iowa (Des Moines, IA), and Vision Soccer Academy (Waukee, IA). “We’re excited for this opportunity and we’re looking forward to having two programs competing in the ECNL and in this new conference. Watching the league continue to grow and provide additional opportunities for our players every year has been fantastic. We welcome the new members to the league and look forward to working with them in supporting the development of the players.” commented SLSG ECNL Boys Director Kyle Riebeling.


The Elite Clubs National League is currently in its fourth season and has expanded its membership every year. There are currently 131 members competing in the 10 league conferences. ECNL members participate in conference play and interconference showcases as well as post-season play for those who qualify. In addition to club competition, the league also provides other opportunities for players such as the Conference Selection Program, the ECNL Boys National Training Camp, and Super Cup. The Conference Selection Program gives top players from each club the opportunity to train and play in front of college coaches along with other top players from their conference. The National Training Camp gives top players from the ECNL national membership, the opportunity to train and play together in the summer. The camp has historically taken place in Nassau, Bahamas and consisted of friendlies against Bahamian national teams. SLSG’s Alec Venhaus (2002 Goalkeeper) was selected and participated at the camp in 2019.


Super Cup is a unique platform for the top U15-U18/19 players in the participating ECNL clubs. Clubs select top players from each age group to form their ECNL Super Cup team and they play against other clubs’ mixed age group Super Cup teams. The league plans to begin Super Cup competition in the 2021-2022 season.


For more on the ECNL or ECNL Boys, visit: https://www.theecnl.com/ or https://www.ecnlboys.com/. To read the ECNL Boys’ announcement of the addition of the Heartland Conference and it’s new members, please click HERE.