St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club



Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with the laws observed by USYSA/FIFA.



All U13-U19 teams roster may not exceed 22 players. Only 18 players can be named for game day roster and dress each match.  Three guests are allowed for BU13-BU14.  Five guest players are allowed for U15-U19 and count as part of the 22 rostered players.


Players can only play on one team in the Showcase. Players may not play on multiple teams within their same club.  All teams shall be properly registered with the USSF or their nations governing soccer body. Players can register through their USYS State Association or through US Club Soccer. All players must have a Player Pass. No player pass, no play.  Guest players must be carded through the same sanctioning body as the team.  Example.  US Club teams can only use US Club carded guest players.  USYSA teams may only use USYSA guest.  No exceptions.  All specifics for Registration will be online under the REGISTRATION Button


Pre Game Check In

Teams must arrive at their fields at least 45 minutes prior to game time. Please check in with the Field Marshall assigned to your field. At this time, player equipment will be inspected, player passes turned over to the Field Marshall and any other special instructions.


Game Ball

We will provide Nike Balls for each game.  In the event the ball is lost, the home team will provide the game ball.



Unlimited substitutions shall be permitted on any throw in. Mandatory substitutions shall be required in the event of an injury. This mandatory substitution shall be on a one for one basis. This does not apply to goalkeepers.  A coach may substitute for a yellow carded player with the referee’s permission.


Duration of Games

All games will play 40 minute halves.  In the event of inclement weather, the tournament committee shall have the authority to reduce the duration of the game, cancel games, reschedule or relocate any game.



All teams play three pool games.  Bracket champions will be determined.  No trophies are presented.

3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a tie. Tie breakers in the case of a tie are:


1. Head to Head

2. Goal Difference up to four

3. Goals For

4. Coin Toss


Home Team

The first listed team is the Home team.  The home team wears white. The referee will decide direction and ball at the coin toss prior to the start of the game.

Visiting Team

The second team listed on the schedule is the visiting team. The visiting team wears the darker colored of their two jerseys.   If there is a jersey color conflict, the team violating the above will change uniforms.

It is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure that the sidelines are cleaned up after each game. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on or near the tournament fields. Smoking is discouraged at all field sites.


Red Cards

A player receiving a red card shall be expelled from that game, may not be replaced, and may be disqualified from participating in their teams next scheduled tournament game. Any coach that is red carded shall be expelled from the game, must leave the field of play to the satisfaction of the referee, and is automatically banned from coaching their team at any time during the next scheduled game. A team fan or parent displaying any behavior that is unacceptable to the referee can cause their coach to be carded. The coach is responsible to maintain control of his sidelines.


Refund Policy

If the event is canceled entirely due to weather, St. Louis Scott Gallagher we will refund a percentage of your entry fee.  Typically you will receive 80% of the entry fee for the event.  Teams will be refunded per game if the event starts and they play only one or two games.

Covid-19 Refund Policy

If the event is canceled entirely due to Covid-19, St. Louis Scott Gallagher we will refund 100% of your entry fee minus a $50 admin fee.  Teams that drop due to Covid-19 must do so by March 30, 2021 with a letter from your local health department verifying the reason you must remove your team from the event.