St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Gallagher Friendlies - Rules & Regulations


The following rules apply to the Gallagher Friendlies Only. Any ruling not covered will be in accordance with Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) and the U.S. Youth Soccer Association.



All players must be registered with U.S. Youth Soccer and their respective State Association or with US CLUB Soccer. This event will be sanctioned by MYSA and US CLUB. USYSA/US CLUB player passes (I.D. Cards) will be required (with picture and laminated). Maximum number of players eligible for one team for the Tournament is 22 for ages U13-U19, including guest players. Only 18 players can dress and play each game. Rosters can be changed from game to game allowing for flexibility. A maximum of five guest players will be allowed for U-9 thru U-13 teams with a maximum of 16 players on a roster for U11 &U12 teams.  U8-U10 rosters will be a max of 12.  A state roster and guest player forms will be required. Each player must have a completed medical release form. All players must play in their age group or older. No player can play on more than one team in the event.



The first team listed on the schedule is the home team and must wear light colored jerseys. The visiting team must wear dark colored jerseys. In case of a conflict of uniform colors, the team not complying will be responsible for changing to a different color.



Length of games will be as follows:

U 9 -U10 25 minute halves (7v7)
U11 30 minutes halves (9v9)
U12 30 minute halves (9v9)
U13-U19 35 minute halves



Players may be substituted for and return to the game as often as desired. Substitutions will be allowed during the following:

  •  Half Time

  • Before a goal kick

  • After a goal is scored

  • Prior to a throw-in (Both teams if team in possession substitutes)

  • In case of injury, for injured player*

* opposing team may substitute like number



We will have standing’s in this year’s tournament. We will crown champions in all brackets. Our focus is still Friendlies and pre-season preparation, but we are adding a competitive element to increase the value and importance of the games to better emulate a real game.



Three (3) Points will be awarded for a win
One (1) point will be awarded for a tie
Zero (0) points will be awarded for a loss
In the event of a tie in total point standings, the following sequence will be used. This process will NOT restart if 3 teams are tied:

  1. Head to head competition between the teams that are tied
  2. Best Goal difference for all games – up to Four (4) per game

  3. Fewest Goals Allowed

  4. Most Goals Scored (up to 5 Goals per game)

  5. Penalty Kick Shootout – Five (5) players per team; if still tied, sudden victory penalty kick shootout



There will be no protest allowed, except to question player eligibility.



If games are not played due to circumstances beyond our control, such as (but not limited to) weather, floods and other acts of God, etc., refunds for games not played will start at zero games played = 80% refund.  Other refunds will determined based on the circumstances of the weekend.