St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Julie King "Wow's" SLSG

Julie King

Last week SLSG (actually St. Louis Soccer Club) Alum and current Orlando Pride player Julie King spent time with the members of the Leadership Initiative, SLSG'd newest program that promotes the development of female role models.  King spoke to over 200 SLSG players about her experiences playing club (STLSC), high school (Nerinx), and college (Auburn University).  But most of her discussion revolved around her leadership style, used mostly when she was the capatain of the former NWSL's Boston Breakers.  "I think I led by example mostly", said Julie.  "I like to work hard, and I am not afraid to show my passion.  Also, I made it known that I was genuinely grateful to be playing every day I had the chance." 


"The Initiative is grateful for Julie's time, she gave up her evening after a long day of training to share some pretty great stories with our players" added Program Director Scott McDoniel.  "She has always been a winner, since she was a little girl. But more importantly, Julie is the type of person we want all of our players to grow up to be like.  A strong, determined, caring leader.


This club could not be more proud of Julie King.