St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Futsal Details

Good news on Futsal! This year, we will be using Got Soccer for scheduling. 


SLSG Futsal will run from December 5 to March 6. The play days vary by age group and facility, but will be primarily on the weekends.


Rules / Style of play / Philosophy:

Below are the operational and game rules for both SLSG Futsal short and full sided. Please read these rules and the “style of play” and “league philosophy” prior to playing in the league. Coaches are responsible for going over the rules, style of play and league philosophy (see below) prior to the first game. 






– Short Sided Games – No Coaches On Sideline. Refs Manage Subs & Style of Play & Game Rules
– Full Sided Games – Coaches Manage Subs / Ref Manages Style of Play and Game Rules
– Players – Play & Style of Play & Rules (players can call fowls on themselves and others)
– The Refs are Player Development Staff and they will enforce the Style of Play and Manager the Game according to the above.
More details, further details and all responsibilities, click this button:



Home and away team is listed on the schedule. The home team wears all white and the away team wears dark green or blue. Please bring both just in case there are issues and in some brackets the winning team will play each other after the first half. If you are on a House team and not an SLSG player, please just get close to white and dark and we can have the teams wear pinnies (we are very lose on this).


U8 (2009s): 3v3 – Small Goals – No Goalie – Roster Max is 6 Per Game – Coach / Ref / Trainer Provided
U9 (2008) to U11 (2006): 4v4 – Mainly 3×5 Small Goals – No Goalie On Small Goals – On Some larger size courts we could play 3v3 plus a goalie (trainer decides) – Roster Max is 8 Per Game – Coach / Ref / Trainer Provided
U11 (2006) to U18 (1998): 5v5 – Regulation Size Goals & Court – Goalies – Roster Max is 9 Per Game – Ref Provided (team must provides coach, see below details)
Teams can have an unlimited roster size but only the above roster maximums will be allowed on the sidelines per game. This will ensure all players that are at the games to get proper playing time.
U11 teams have the choice during the sign up process between “4v4” or “5v5” futsal or U11 teams can sign up for both.
The SLSG Player Development Training “PDT” Staff will be coaching, running the subs and refereeing the “4v4” format. No coach needed.
The PDT Staff will also be reffing the 5v5 futsal games, but the teams must provide a coach. To avoid clutter, only one coach per team is allowed on the sideline. Coaches must be on the team’s regular coaching staff and dressed in appropriate SLSG coaching attire (Nike / no jeans / SLSG branded preferred).
SLSG Futsal will follow US Soccer’s official futsal rules that were provided to our US Development Academy Program. The only rule exception is that we allow unlimited passes back to the goalie.



Priory High School – Central – Close To Hwy 270 & Hwy 40:
500 S Mason Rd, St. Louis, MO 63141
Boys – Small Sided and Full Sided
Visitation High School – Central – Hwy 270 & Hwy 40:
3020 N Ballas Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131
Girls – Small Sided and Full Sided
Whitfield School – Central – Hwy 270 & Ladue:
175 S Mason Rd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141
Boys & Girls – Small Sided and Full Sided
Chesterfield Athletic Club – West – Close To Hwy 40 & Hwy 141:
16625 Swingley Ridge Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Full Sided Boys & Girls
Meramec Community College – South – Hwy 270 & Hwy 44:
11333 Big Bend Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122
Full Sided Boys & Girls


Forest Park Community College – Central – Hwy 40 & Hampton:
5600 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110
Full Sided Boys


Florissant Valley Community College – North – Hwy 270 & Washington-Elizabeth:
3400 Pershall Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63135-1408

Weather Cancellation Updates





$450 Per Team For U8 (2009) – Small Sided – 3v3 – 8 Games – Roster Max Is 6 Per Game
$600 Per Team For U9 (2008) To U11 (2006) – Small Sided – 4v4 – 8 Games – Roster Max Is 8 Per Game
$675 Per Team For U11 (2006) To U18 (1998) – Full Sided – 5v5 – 8 Games – Roster Max Is 9 Per Game



Per Player Breakdown – If you carry a full game roster, the cost breakdown is $75 per player for all levels. If you don’t carry a full roster then the cost per player would be higher accordingly (but playing time is more).


FAQ – If not all the players on our team are playing, how do we pay for it with team funds? Simply collect the money from the players that are playing and deposit it in your team funds with Angie Eastridge (club accountant).


If your team isn’t playing but you still want to play, we have an individual sign up option to create house teams with these sign ups. Individual Sign Up is now open (click “Sign up” below). You can request to play with friends on individual sign up but this is not a guarantee that we can accommodate.


The individual sign up cost is $75 for all levels and ages.


There are no discounts for team sign ups, early sign up, short sided, small goal.

The only method of payment for team sign up is through internal team fund transfers. These will take place on 11/1.

There are no refunds.

The only method of payment for individual sign up is through on-line credit card at the time of sign up.