St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions about the SLSG Showcase

Why should my team attend your event?

Because we are the top Boys Showcase in the entire REGION! St. Louis Scott Gallagher has been proud to host this amazing event for 22 years and this year it'll be even bettert - We've added GU15-GU19!  State of the art turf facilities will be utilized at Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex, WWT Soccer Park and other turf if needed.  This event is a who’s who of Midwestern Soccer teams along with teams from CO, El Salvador, CANADA, TN, OK, AL, GA, AR and even Texas and California.


How do you decide who gets into your event?

First, we anticipate accepting every team that applies and we have back-up fields rented in case we have record breaking numbers with the opening of the two amazing local turf facilities.  Second, we use a number of resources for determining who makes it into each year’s event. We start with looking at where teams want to be placed. This does not make a huge impact on placement, but we can at least have a starting point. We use all of the data on your application and the NOTES section is huge for helping us know more about your team. The top level teams in the USYSA National League are in.  So are any MLS Next and ECNL program teams. NPL & GAL teams are in. We use results in these leagues, plus your local league, State Cup Results, Tournament Results, National Soccer Ranking, GOTSOCCER scores, past Boys Showcase results, Regional Experts from other clubs…You name it we use it. Make sure you fill out your application and notes as complete as possible.


You mentioned Notes. How do we add notes after we have already applied?

Go to
Click on Log In
Click on Team Account
Enter your Username and Password
Click on our 2021 SLSG College Showcase
Click on the Requests Tab
Enter notes here and SAVE
(Please keep the notes to under 250 character’s)


How do you bracket Teams?

We use a number of resources for team placement in each bracket or division. We will bracket in groups of 4-8 for the best possible competition and with the diversity of this event, you should not play a team from your state unless it is Illinois and sometimes Missouri. All of the criteria listed under the first question are also used to help determine brackets. Recent league play, strength of league, MLS Next, ECNL, GAL, NPL & National League Standings and results, performance in State Cup, USYSA Regional’s and USYSA Nationals, US Club Regional’s and National’s and other top-level tournaments, diversity with geography, and other criteria go in to our bracketing decisions.


Can our team register on Friday night or Saturday at the fields?

No, all registration is now done electronically through Got Soccer. Click on the REGISTRATION/CHECK IN button for details.


Do you offer team discounts?

While many other events may offer some type of discount, we do not. We have had National Championship caliber teams attend our events in the past. We believe that our reputation for being organized, having first class facilities and having the highest quality and most diverse competition in the Midwest should be enough for our customers – you!


What do we need for Registration?

We will be sanctioned through MYSA and US CLUB Soccer. Click on the REGISTRATION/CHECK IN button online for everything you’ll need to upload.


My coach coaches several teams that have applied for your event. Can you accommodate him?

We will do our best to help with these coaches conflicts. Two teams is usually taken care of, but remember there is drive time between the sites that may or may not be able to be taken into account. Three teams - Contact Mitch directly.


Does your Tournament accept Super Seniors or Trapped players?



How are inclement weather situations handled?

Please see our Refund policy under Rules.


Do I have to fill out everything on your application?

If you don’t want us to drop or miss bracket your team, the answer is YES. The more information that you provide INCLUDING NOTES, the better we can get the best competition for your group.


When will accepted teams be posted?

Accepted teams will be listed or before February 23, 2020. Brackets will be online by March 7, 2020. Schedules will follow 2 weeks before the event and will be posted online on or before March 20, 2020.


Will we play on Friday Night? If not, what time on Saturday?

If you are traveling and WANT a game Friday, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you one. Only teams from our local St. Louis area MAY play on Friday. All teams should except to play at 7:30am CST on Saturday.

What time might our final game be on Sunday?

There are no finals in our Showcase.  For teams traveling into St. Louis for our event, the third and last game of your tournament will be kickoff around 3pm Central Standard Time.  We do our best to get the furthest away teams out earlier than that.  Do not secure flights before 7pm CST.

Can a guest player from another Youth Soccer organization guest play with my team?

No, a USYS player can’t guest play with a US Club sanctioned team. And a US Club guest player can’t play with a USYS team. No exceptions to this rule from either MYSA or US CLUB!

How are Covid-19 Cancellations handled?

If our event must cancel or your team must pull out, you will receive a 100% refund minus a $50 admin charge.  Deadline to pull out due to Covid19 is March 30 and should be accompanied with a letter from your local health department.