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Gateway Memorial Classic - Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


All games will be played under international rules (FIFA), with the exception that the goal keeper may not be fair charged.



All teams from outside of the state of Missouri must file travel permission forms with their State Associations. Teams may carry a roster of no more than 8 for under 8 4v4, 12 for 7v7, not more than 16 for 9v9 and no more than 22 for U13-U20 (No more than 18 may dress for any game.  Rosters can change for each game if bringing 19 or more players). No roster changes will be permitted after a team roster has been approved at tournament registration. All teams must be currently registered with their State, National or Provincial Association. A maximum of 3 guest players per team is allowed for all U8-U12 teams, Five guests are allowed for 11v11 teams. A team using guest players may have no more than their maximum roster size. Example 22 for U13-U19, 16 for 9v9 and 12 for 7v7 teams. Guest players will need the proper state approved paperwork filled out. Individual Guest players looking for a team in the event can sign up online.. Each player must have a valid USSF/USYSA/US Club Soccer ID card. The minimum number of games is three (3). We may guarantee FOUR games as we sort through the details of the event. No player can be on more than one roster for the event.







2 35 Minute Halves



2 35 Minute Halves



2 35 Minute Halves



2 35 Minute Halves



2 35 Minute Halves



2 35 Minute Halves



2 30 Minute Halves



2 30 Minute Halves



2 25 Minute Halves


U9/U8 7v7

2 25 Minute Halves


U8 4v4

2 20 Minute Halves




Individual awards being presented to the 1st & 2nd place teams in ALL age divisions. 



Each player must wear shin guards and an official uniform with a number on the back. Home team should wear their light color jersey and away should wear dark. The team in violation of the above specification will change jerseys if there is a conflict.  Home team will provide the game ball if the Tournament does not provide Nike balls.



Referees will flip a coin with Team Captains to determine direction and which team starts with the ball.



Unlimited substitution is allowed after a goal by either team, before a goal kick for either team, before a throw-in your favor, at half time or before the start of an overtime period, and in case of injury or any stoppage in play – with the referee’s permission. Teams may also sub on the opposing teams throw if the team that is in possession has a substitute up as well.



Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible for the team’s next game. No substitution will be permitted for an ejected player. Anyone fighting can be subjected to ejection from further tournament participation. Passes will be retained by the tournament and will be returned to the coach of the team after the player has sat out their suspension.



A minimum of seven players constitutes a team. A ten (10) minute grace period will be extended beyond the kickoff time before a forfeit will be declared. The Tournament Directors will make the final decision if a forfeit shall be allowed depending upon extenuating circumstances that may have prevented a team from making the game on time. If a forfeit is determined, the winning team shall be awarded a score of 4-0 and will receive the points for that score.



Any protest must be presented in writing to the tournament headquarters within one (1) hour of the completion of the game, and must be accompanied with a $100 bond. This bond will only be returned if the protest is upheld. Referee judgment calls will not be a basis for protests.



Three (3) Points will be awarded for a win
One (1) point will be awarded for a tie
Zero (0) points will be awarded for a loss
In the event of a tie in total point standings, the following sequence will be used. This process will NOT restart if 3 teams are tied:

  1. Head to head competition between the teams that are tied
  2. Best Goal difference for all games – up to Four (4) per game

  3. Fewest Goals Allowed

  4. Most Goals Scored (up to 5 Goals per game)

  5. Penalty Kick Shootout – Five (5) players per team; if still tied, sudden victory penalty kick shootout



Games that are tied at the end of regulation time will end as a tie in preliminary rounds. In the event of a tie in a championship game; the game will continue with two five (5) minute overtime periods after which penalty kicks will be taken as listed below to determine a winner.



In the event that penalty kicks must be used to determine a winner in the preliminary or final rounds the format will be as follows:

  1. Each team will select five (5) players to kick. Only players on the field at the end of the game may be selected.
  2. Teams will alternate kicks – First team to kick will be determined by the referee’s coin flip.

  3. If the score remains tied after five (5) kicks, teams will alternate kicks until a winner is determined.

  4. All eligible players must kick before any eligible player can repeat.

  5. Goalies may be changed after any shot.



Winner of Bracket 1 will Winner of Bracket 2 in groups of 8. In groups of six, the top two teams after the first three games will play in the final. All other groups will be five team round robin with the highest points winning.


New US Soccer Heading Mandate

The Gateway Memorial Classic, in accordance with US Soccer’s recommendation on specific rule changes to heading, will eliminate heading for players age 10 and under. Please note that U11 is listed in the US Soccer concussion initiative document because U11 players can be 10 years old during the season. Therefore, because of the concerns for the safety of younger players, beyond the limitations of the laws of the game, our Tournament will follow the mandate and not allow players U11 and under to head the ball. This infraction will result in an indirect free kick.

When a player deliberately heads a ball during the game, an indirect free kick should be awards to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction. If the deliberate header occurs within the goal box, the indirect free kick should be taken from the spot of infringement as well. If the infringement takes place within the 6 yard box, the ball will be placed on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If a player does not deliberately head the ball, play should continue.

7v7 Build Out Line

When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper and touched by a teammate. Once a teammate touches the ball, the opposing team may then cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.

Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed). Ideally, the goalkeeper will wait to put the ball into play once all opponents are past the build out line; however, the goalkeeper can put the ball into play sooner but he or she does so accepting the positioning of the opponents and the consequences of how play resumes.

If a goalkeeper punts or drop kicks the ball, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the punt or drop kick occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the infringement occurred.  The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play and leaves the penalty area and is touched by a teammate.

There will be no offsides for 7v7.


Refund Policy

If the event is canceled entirely because of weather, St. Louis Scott Gallagher/Lou Fusz we will refund a percentage of application fee.

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