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SLSG MO Boys Staff Announce Rosters for 2016-17 Seasons

06/15/16SLSG Soccer

On behalf of the entire SLSG MO Boys Staff, we hope this message finds all of you, both current and incoming members of SLSG, enjoying your soccer experience. This past winter via email and in our State of the Club meeting at Lindenwood University, SLSG communicated this year’s approach to the Placement Process, a much more elaborate project for 2016/17 than any other year. The Birth Year Mandate enacted upon all of the country by the US Soccer Federation has required the Staff to have a different perspective when evaluating and placing players. It has also required a maximum amount of patience from our entire soccer community and we thank all for the support, trust, and loyalty. The purpose of the information that follows is to keep transparent the club philosophy regarding the player Placement Process, the process by which age groups were formed this year, the coaching line-up, and the players within each team.

We would like to personally thank all of you again for your commitment to SLSG. The Board and SLSG’s entire Staff believe in our direction as an organization and realize that we could never provide a positive experience without our families. We are quickly approaching the beginning of our ninth year as a Club, and we intend to continue working hard to give the SLSG community the best experience possible. We want each and every player to feel a part of our mission and enjoy playing the game while making life-long memories and also learning values that they will most certainly need to succeed in the future both on and off the field.

We hope that the changes you’ve seen in our facilities despite experiencing our most adverse of times, improved Staff, and increased communication reflects our commitment to providing a unique education to each player. An education that instills values, discipline, skill, and enjoyment. Teaching the values we believe in through the challenges that the game provides is a passion the Staff shares and we will continue to refine on a daily basis.

We can’t emphasize enough how much we all appreciate your support of the SLSG community. And we speak for the entire Staff when we say we look forward to working with your family in the upcoming season.


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