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Elite Boys

Elite Boys

MO Boys Elite Program

The Elite Boy’s Program is a group of 7 teams from u13-u19 that play under the St Louis Scott Gallagher flag.  Currently, the program competes in the USYS platform which includes leagues like National League Showcase and Playoff Series, Midwest Conference Premier League, and Midwest Conference Club Vs Club.  These leagues eventually feed and tie into the USYS Championship Series which includes State Cup, Regionals, and Nationals.


The mission of the Elite Program is to…

  • Be a positive impact on the maturing process of teenage boys.
  • Continue to build upon and strengthen individual soccer development and connect these items with the players goals.
  • Introduce(at young ages) and provide structure to teach players how to play as a team.
  • Get exposure and find the right post high school situations for the players.  Both athletically and academically.
  • Win Championships.


Over the past 10 years, by way of commitment, passion, and competitive drive, the Elite Program has been accomplishing the mission.  Countless state cups, regional championships, national appearances, a national championship, national league championships, regional league championships, and scholarships to any and all divisions of college soccer.


Elite Head Coaches

Denny Marschuetz - U19 (2002)


Andy Cooper - U18 (2003)


Tim Amlong - U17 (2004)


Brian Groark - U16 (2005)


Mike McCarthy - U15 (2006)


Gavin Cuddy - U14 (2007)


Santi Castillo - U13 (2008)

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