St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SPENSA and ECNL Together Again


Tyler Tetzlaff


The SLSG MO ECNL teams had such a wonderful time with SPENSA that the girls wanted to be back out there again. In Spring 2017 the 02 and 03 ECNL teams participated, but this time the two oldest ECNL groups came together to make it such a great day for the players and SPENSA as a whole.


"Getting to work and play with the kids at SPENSA is a fantastic opportunity," said Meg Nemnich, 02 ECNL. "The feeling I get when I help my 'buddy' complete a simple soccer skill such as scoring a goal is one of the best feelings ever."


"It is no wonder why so many young people (boys and girls) want to offer their time supporting SPENSA," said Ralph Richards, ECNL Director. "The organization does a wonderful job connecting the particapants and volunteers with the game we all love so much."


"I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love everyday and it is a great feeling to share that love with the smiling kids that come to play the beautiful game with complete strangers." Lillie Fields, 02 ECNL went on and said "I am honored to have the opportunity to impact my community in this way and thankful for these chances to make a difference in the kids lives."


Many of the ECNL players have particapated in SPENSA multiple times for both club and school, but for the 02's and 03's it is a fairly new experience and one the SLSG MO ECNL program will continue to support both in the fall and spring.


"Supporting and participating in SPENSA is a life changing experience. The more I participate, the more I am inspired by each child there," added Anna Carollo, 02 ECNL.