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Holiday Adopt a Family

Holiday Adopt a Family


This year the SLSG ECNL Girls will be participating in a community outreach fundraiser project to benefit Marygrove and the SLSG City Soccer Program.  For the past five years, St. Louis Scott Gallagher has used the holiday season to raise money for those in need.  This project is called 'Holiday Adopt a Family Upper 90'. 


The SLSG ECNL Girls will donate their own money or promote our "100 MILES of Soccer Juggling" to fund their donations.  We are accepting donations online for the project.  We have set a goal of $3,500. 




The first $2,500 donated will be used to provide Christmas gifts for the children of Marygrove (see below the info on Marygrove).  We will be adopting a full cottage for Christmas which we hope will bring smiles to the faces of 15 boys and/or girls. 


The remaining money donated online after we hit our Cottage goal, will go to our SLSG City Soccer program (Mattews Dickey).  This donation amount will be matched by a private donor.  The description of our city program can be seen below.  Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the City Program. 


Next Friday, December 18th, at 6:00pm, the SLSG ECNL Navy program will Juggle 100 miles around the soccer fields at the WWT Soccer Park, Fenton MO in an effort to raise enough money to sponsor the children of Marygrove and possibly donate to our SLSG City Program.  


"This season I have been very proud of the ECNL Girls committment the program and dedication to the game.  It has been an incredibly long, hard season to date and I could not ask for any more of these girls on the field," said SLSG Navy ECNL Director Ralph Richards.  "But something that I am even more proud of, is seeing the girls want to follow through on our mission statement in having a positive impact in the community, especially during what are extraordinarily difficult times. It is so humbling. The girls are giving joy and happiness to these young boys and girls. That is something we as a program are even more proud of."


Thank you in advance for your kind and generous donations to what are two amazing organizations that bring so much to the youth of the Saint Louis Community.





About Marygrove:

Marygrove has a rich history of more than 170 years caring for children, teens, and young adults, offering a safe and healing environment for its residents. The children and adolescents who are placed at Marygrove have often been through multiple, failed placements in other residential facilities or foster homes. Many come from abusive, violent, and severely disruptive family situations. SLSG has been helping Marygrove for over 10 years through many aspects of our Upper 90 Program.   




About SLSG City Soccer Program:

This program provides year-round training and games for 60 financially underprivileged kids, 6-13 years old.  The program is in its 3rd year and is privately funded through member donations.  The players play at no cost.  The program is affiliated with Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club.  

If you are looking for more information or volunteering to help our City Program or other Upper 90 projects, please visit our SLSG Upper 90 webpage.