St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

3. Competitive Structure of the ECNL

The ECNL competitive structure has evolved over the past several years.  The structure has transformed from two flights (A and B) of 20 teams playing only in National Showcase events to a much more elaborate and inclusive format.

Today the ECNL has 80 clubs. The clubs are divided into one of the eight ECNL Regional Conferences.  SLSG MO is in the Midwest Regional Conference with seven (7) other clubs. SLSG MO plays home and away games vs. the seven other Midwest Regional opponents.

In addition to the Regional Conference games, the teams are required to play in ECNL National Showcase events.  The number of events each team participates in depends upon the age group.

For a team to play in the ECNL National Playoffs and Finals in the summer, a team must earn the right to qualify via points earned in both Regional Conference play and National Showcase event play.

See below some FAQ’s related to the Competitive Structure of the ECNL

Q. Who are the clubs in addition to SLSG MO ECNL in the Midwest Regional Conference for 2017-18?

A. Eclipse Select SC, Elite Girls Academy (EGA), FC Wisconsin Eclipse, Michigan Hawks, Minnesota Thunder Academy (MTA), SLSG IL, Vardar

Q: What TRAVEL is usually associated with a typical ECNL season?
A: We break the season up into two parts.

1. Regional League Games

2. National Events and Tournaments

1. Regional League Games

All teams have to play Home and Away versus….

§ MI Hawks and Vardar (travel partners – play on same weekend)

§ Eclipse Select Soccer Club and FC Wisconsin Eclipse (travel partners – play on same weekend)

§ Elite Girls Academy (EGA)

§ Minnesota Thunder Academy (MTA) – Alternate one year in St. Louis the next in Minneapolis

§ St. Louis Scott Gallagher – Illinois (SLSG IL)

2. National Events and Tournaments

The ECNL has 5 National events in which clubs can select from depending upon the age group requirements.  The list of the National events is below along with the selections for each age group in 2017-18


· ECNL Phoenix (Fall)  |  Phoenix, AZ  |  November 10-12, 2017  |  U15-U18 | 

· ECNL Florida  |  Sanford, FL  |  January 6-8, 2018  |  U15-U18/U19 | 

· ECNL Texas  |  Houston, TX |  February 17-19, 2018  |  U15-U18/U19 | 

· ECNL Phoenix (Spring)  |  Phoenix, AZ  |  April 6-8, 2018  |  U15-U18/U19 | 

· ECNL New Jersey  |  Zarephath, NJ   |  May 26-28, 2018  | U15-U17 | 


· ECNL National Playoffs  |  Redmond, WA  |  June 21-26, 2018

· ECNL National Finals  |  TBD

Events SLSG MO will be attending 2017-18 Season

· U18/19 (1)       | Phoenix, AZ |

· U17 (3)            | Phoenix, AZ | Sanford, FL | Houston, TX |

· U16 (3)            | Phoenix, AZ | Sanford, FL | Houston, TX |

· U15 (2)            | Sanford, FL | Phoenix, AZ (spring) | 

· U14 (1)            | Phoenix, AZ (spring) | 

· U13 (no requirements)

Q. Do SLSG MO ECNL teams participate in USYS State Cup or MRL?

A. No and Yes. 

The U14 and older teams do NOT play in USYS local, state, or regional leagues, and USYSA State Cup, Regional or National Championship Series.  

The U13 team does play in SLYSA at the U14 age group and will participate in USYSA State Cup in the spring of 2018.

Q. Do SLSG MO ECNL teams play in additional events to that of the ECNL events?

A. Yes, all teams play in other events.  However, the number of additional events, the timing of the events, and which players participate in the events; can vary considerably from one team to the next.  This is determined by a team’s individual periodization cycle which can differ depending upon the load of the season as far as Pre-Season, Fall Season, Winter Season, Spring Season and the Summer Playoff Post Season.

Q: What is an ECNL composite team and does SLSG MO have one?
A: A composite team is a second ECNL team comprised of players from the oldest two to three age groups.  The team travels to all of the same weekends as the other ECNL teams. For the 2017-18 season, SLSG MO ECNL does not have a composite team.