St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

2. Player Development in the ECNL

How is Playing in the ECNL better for a female youth soccer player than in other leagues or associations?

The ECNL is a proven pathway for players seeking to improve as individuals to go on and play at the next level be it College, Professional and or Nationally. In addition to the innovative structure of the ECNL, SLSG has its own unique pathway in player development as it relates to our principles, philosophies and the community of St. Louis, MO.

For more information regarding the ECNL proven pathway please watch this video and continue to read section 3 and 4 of the FAQ.

Q. At what age group does the ECNL start with SLSG MO?

U13 is the first official age group we call SLSG MO ECNL. We have six teams in the program all the way up to U18/19.

Q. How often do the ECNL Teams Train?

We train three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Q. Why train on Monday vs. Tuesday?

In building out our periodization for the season, we feel the players respond better to a full day’s rest before we maximize their energy system on the heaviest day of training within the weekly cycle. Therefore, Training on Monday allows the players to actively recover from the weekend through a technical specific training session.

Q. Does the SLSG MO program include a sports performance component?

Yes. Once a week (typically Wednesday) we add in a sports specific component with a member of our physical fitness training staff. Depending upon the physical needs and demands of the periodization cycle the teams are in, will depend upon the focus in the session.

Q. Where is the ‘Performance Training’ based?

It is in St. Louis Scott Gallagher Performance Training Center located at the north end of the parking lot at the WWT Soccer Park in Fenton, MO.

Q. Are all the training sessions held at WWT Soccer Park in Fenton, MO?

No. Once a week, depending upon the time of year we typically train at our other location, Creve Coeur Soccer Complex. This is located in Maryland Heights, MO.

Q. Do the SLSG ECNL players get access to review video footage of the games?

Yes. All home games and a select few away games throughout the season are recorded and uploaded into a software program. Every player has a personal account to access game footage, reviews and or highlights the coaching staff prepares for the players.

Q. Is there a Goalkeeping Coach on staff?

Yes. We have three Goalkeeping coaches that work with our players. Tim Kelly is the Director of Goalkeeping who works primarily in the offseason with the goalkeepers. David Comens and Brian Woodward are at all training sessions and at least one Goalkeeping coach is in attendance at our games.

Q. Do the SLSG MO ECNL players have access to an Athletic Trainer?           

Yes. Mercy Sports Medicine has provided the club with an Athletic Trainer. The ECNL program works side by side with one of their professional Athletic Trainers on a daily basis to help in the recovery and rehabilitation of our players back to the field of play.

Q. How many players do each team carry on an ECNL Roster?

Each team carries’s anywhere from 13-16 field players and preferably 2 goalkeepers. In addition, SLSG encourages players to play on our Premier teams to gain match fitness, recover from injuries and help in a player’s development throughout the year.

Q. Are the substitution rules the same as USYSA?

At U14 and above the ECNL limits the number of substitutions in each ECNL game by prohibiting re-entry of players in each half. In other words, if a player is subbed out in a half, the player is not able to return in that half of play. This helps players maintain their concentration and work rate for far longer periods of time than in most other competitions. ECNL players are forced to adapt to the physical and psychological demands of playing 80-90 minutes.

Q. Can ECNL Players participate in High School Soccer?
Yes. We do offer a full competitive calendar for the U15’s – Due to the roster consisting of both 8th and 9th graders. Players can make a choice as to what they want to do in the spring.

Q. Does SLSG MO have alternatives for players who do not want to participate in High School Soccer?
Yes. SLSG MO offers a High School Alternative program for players who want to play and train with the club all year around.  The spring program will consist of group training, specialized positional training, sports performance training and some scrimmages for match sharpness.

Q. Can ECNL Players participate in other High School Sports?

Yes, each individual has the option to do alternative sports, but we (SLSG MO ECNL) ask that the priority be soccer during the Competitive Calendar.

Q. Will ECNL players be penalized for playing High School Sports?
No, but missed ECNL training is taken seriously. And although some players have played sports such as basketball each year, trying to balance a high school sport and the ECNL schedule has not proven to be something too many young ladies can manage easily.