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The following "frequently asked questions" are provided to give basic information about the ECNL, and are grouped into eight basic categories: (1) Background of the ECNL; (2) Player Development in the ECNL; (3) Competitive Structure of the ECNL; (4) the ECNL Player Identification Program; (5) Collegiate Recruiting in the ECNL; (6) the ECNL National Championships; and (7) Administration of the ECNL.

1. Background of the ECNL

The ECNL was founded in 2009 by forward-thinking Directors of Coaching across the country who saw a need for change in and special commitment to improving the daily environment for American elite...

2. Player Development in the ECNL

How is Playing in the ECNL better for a female youth soccer player than in other leagues or associations?

The ECNL is a proven pathway for players seeking to improve as individuals to go on and play at the next level be it College, Professional and or Nationally. In...

3. Competitive Structure of the ECNL

The ECNL competitive structure has evolved over the past several years.  The structure has transformed from two flights (A and B) of 20 teams playing only in National Showcase events to a much more...

4. ECNL Player Identification Program


The ECNL Player Identification Program is intended to provide a better, more efficient, and streamlined process for identifying players with the potential to play with the US Soccer Youth National Teams, and to provide additional exposure and opportunity to top players across the ECNL. 


5. College Recruiting in the ECNL

The ECNL is comprised of 80+ of the best clubs across the country. The clubs gather together over 5 ECNL National events and 1 National Playoff event. In each National event, all the ECNL games are scheduled at one complex in order to maximize collegiate exposure. All...

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