St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club




St. Louis Scott Gallagher Girls will be hosting several identification training sessions for goal keepers both from inside and outside the club.  Brian Woodward, Missouri Girls Director of Goal Keeping along with other members of the goal keeper staff will be evaluating the current program goal keepers within their normal training sessions and games throughout the season.  


For goal keepers who are not currently in the club (SLSG), but are interested in more information or would like to be evaluated; please reach out to Brian Woodward.


Goal Keeper ID Sessions Schedule - birth year 06 thru 03/04

Will follow the same format as the 2006 - 2003 ID Sessions scheduled in November - February. 



Goal Keeper ID Sessions Schedule - birth year 09 thru 07

Will be schduled in conjunction with the 2009 - 2007 ID Sessions. 




Contact Info

Missouri Girls Goal Keeping - Brian Woodward

Email - bwoodward@slsgsoccer.com

Cell - 636-744-5937