St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

The Story behind #MTAG

Identity; ”A transformation that leaves an object unchanged".  Birth year mandates, new faces and leaders within teams each year, and the introduction of new leagues changing the landscape of girls’ soccer has only strengthened the "identity" that is SLSG MO Girls ECNL Program.  



On the field our identity coincides with our club’s philosophy and mission statement - to be the "best" while developing people/players to treat the game with respect and play a team game with style, passion, trust in the process without losing sight of goals to challenge for top honors and championships.   


Success on the field, however, is not enough.  In order to be the "best", our members must continue to be guided, motivated, and educated through the clubs Shield Values.  Daily reminders that humility and thinking of other more than oneself through service projects, program and team functions, aswell as being respectful of the tradition our alumni have created, has helped to provide a unique extended family inside this awesome soccer community.  The evolution of this way of living has helped to create a culture, a culture that grows and has now become our identity, a way of living and treating soccer; ‘More Than A Game’.



More Than A Game - #MTAG; in a special way, capture a competitive training and game spirit that generates an environment for developing players to be able to play at the collegiate level and beyond. Simultaneously the culture/identity of #MTAG has become a way of cultivating friendships & relationships between age groups and teams as well as a program that serves the St. Louis community. The game must be more than technique, tactics, winning and losing. The game must foster fun and help players make life long memories while "pursuing the moment".



“Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” 

~Dr. Seuss