St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Thank You!

Thank You!

This past Sunday as I walked from corner to corner on field 1 at the park setting up the flags, a cold mist that was soaking my stocking cap and gloves was giving me reason to be annoyed.  But I wasn’t annoyed, not in the least.  Instead I was just grateful.  Four official league games, the first of this kind on the season, were about to be played on the stadium field between the club’s highest levels.


I was just grateful.  


Based on different interactions with the Staff, Pech and I believe this feeling of gratitude is a shared feeling amongst all of us coaches and managers.  Aside from a few changes in schedule, we just enjoyed a pretty full fall season of soccer.  One that provided a positive environment for our kids to continue falling in love with the sport, all the while learning lessons about life through this game that fills us with passion. 


For this we're grateful.  


Not only do we feel thankful for the opportunities we had to practice, scrimmage, and play some games, but I know we speak for the entire SLSG Staff when we say we're incredibly humbled to have done so as part of this community.  Our SLSG community; coaches, players, managers, and families alike all worked together to keep each other safe by adhering to protocols.  Embracing  the protocols and respecting restrictions the County put into place for a healthy environment helped us stay on the field and contributed to the experience we could provide players. 


So Grateful for this community.  


I hope you all enjoy the holiday ahead.  We will be shooting a few more reflections your way throughout the winter that will focus on some soccer stuff to get us all thinking about the seasons ahead.  Until then please know that the entire SLSG Staff is thankful for what you provide the players of this club.  


Happy Thanksgiving Coaches -- Some Announcements/Reminders Below :)



Girls Division Changes


On November 15th, myself and several other directors of the club formally announced some organizational changes that we are making to the girls division.  The changes are specific to the ECNL and ECNL-RL Programs which is most relevant to the U13-U19 age groups.  I’ve attached a link to a quick summary of the meeting via video/promo and with it a FAQ to educate yourself as to the content of the meeting.  As always, if anyone has any questions regarding the future structure and process of the division do not hesitate to reach out to one of the staff.  ----> Girls Division Video and Info


U12 - 2009 Age Group - Save the Date


In each of the past four years, in cooperation with Age Group Directors, the club has hosted a meeting to communicate the pathway that SLSG players and their families may follow as they move from the U12 to U13 Age Group.  This year we will host this meeting, via Zoom of course, and I will be joined by Shawn Hewitt, the SLSG Illinois Program Director.  The meeting has been set for Sunday January 31st at 1pm and all U12 families will be invited. We encourage you to alert your families to “save the date” but an invite will be sent directly from the club to U12 members a few weeks prior to the meeting date.  The details/agenda of the meeting will be shared and discussed with the U12 age group in their Coaches Meeting set for the first week in December.  **Look for more information from Matt Stichling and Carlton Williams on this meeting but also info on ALL Age Group Meetings to be held in December.