St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Planning for the Season

Planning for the Season




“Planning without action is futile.  Action without planning is fatal!”


I know we all realize there is more to getting a season started then handing the kids their uniforms and passing out a game schedule.  We all have different approaches to a season which is perfectly acceptable.  But, inside all of the different ways we may see the game or how to best unify our teams, planning must be a part of this approach.  


Here are some “off the field” reminders.  

  • Training Space Requests - We realize that there has been previous communications asking for your desired training space, days, times, and locations.  Our governing bodies decision to step back to Phase 1 of Return to Play (see protocols and policies here) will force us to adjust our original schedule.  We should see new communcations from the club regarding space today July 31st.

  • As a reminder, Premier League applications and conflicts were due by July 20th, 2020.  Again, due to our county and sport moving to Phase 1 Return to Play, we are awaiting some final decisions from officials on additional protocols that will need to be followed in order for our League to operate safely for everyone.

  • A pickup date for training gear will be announced in the coming weeks.

  • In the case you have not yet seen a (Training Gear Order Form) please use this link.

  • My Uniform - If you have not seen a My Uniform link or if your team isn’t already in the process of receiving uniforms, please have your manager check in with their Age Group Director immediately.

  • Training shorts and socks are ordered through MyUniform 

  • Training shirts and balls for each team must be submitted by managers.

  • Coaches Gear (Coaches Gear Order Form)  MUST be completed before any coaches gear is handed out.  No orders will be taken via email. 

  • Coaches gear pickup dates will be sent to managers.

  • MYSA registration - July 15th was the deadline for all coaches and managers to complete.

  • Team Meetings - In cooperation with the appropriate Age Group Director, Coaches Should host a to start the year.  AGD’s will be in communication with you regarding meeting dates/times.  

  • Tournaments - Pick your events strategically.  Firstly, the club would prefer teams not travel until the new year.  So pick local events and request placement of your team in each event in a bracket that will challenge, but also present opportunity for success.  Secondly, we highly recommend SLSG teams support other local club tournaments this year.

  • Be sure to get all coaches and managers contact info to Eric Schmidt so that he can make sure you are on all communications lists.  

  • “Return to Play” Protocols - Updated Protocols and guidelines for Return to Play are sent consistently.  In the interest of keeping the children safe and healthy please make sure you adhere to any revisions.  The most updated can be found on the home page of the slsg website.

  • Training Plans - The Staff, in cooperation with Dale Schilly, SLSG Technical Director, have started to accumulate age group and playing level appropriate 'on field sessions' to share with all coaches to compliment what you have already planned for the beginning of the season.  The sessions are intended to follow protocol but simulate more game like situations and keep players enthused.  

  • August 4th Coaches Meeting to be rescheduled and held via Zoom on August 9th at 6pm.  Link is here →  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84544629809  

The Staff realizes this is a lot of info with deadlines both past and future.  The process of planning for this season will be like no other season in the past. So, we apologize, we are trying to communicate as much as possible so we all stay on the same page.  If you have any immediate questions please reach out to your Age Group Director.  And as always please have a safe and  healthy weekend!