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Let's Go Again!

Let's Go Again!


Let’s Go Again!


To start the fall season, I led with the quote from the coaches coach, John O’Sullivan.  He said in his book Every Moment Matters, “Coaching is a relationship business - your players aren’t really going to care how much you know about soccer until you show them how much you care about them, their families, and the team.”  Now in my twenty-fifth year of coaching, when looking back upon my experiences, I can’t be more convinced of this statement. The most impactful memories of my time in the game so far are directly related to how much I enjoyed the people I shared the experiences with, both as a player and a coach.  


The schedules for P6, P7, P9 and SLYSA have been set and the cold has broken.  I know the kids are excited, parents are hyped to see their children back on the field, and we coaches have a winters full of competitive energy to get out of our systems.  This is all good, but let us not forget that, as coaches, we should remind ourselves why we join our teams on the field this weekend.  What is the true reason we coach?  Absolutely we are in this to instill a love and passion for sport in our players.  For sure we teach our players how to compete and attempt to win with strategy and skill.  But remember that our players must “know how much we care” before they will care about what we are teaching and why we are motivating.  A “why I coach” statement that includes "teaching [shield] values through the game we all love" will most certainly reflect how much a coach cares about the players as both people and athletes. 


Good luck this weekend to all coaches and players.  Can’t even tell you how excited we are at the club for the whistle to blow and for games to start!



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