St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

"You Are Enough"


“You are Enough”.  Coach Nancy Stevens quickly wrote these three words on the board as the UCONN women’s field hockey team sat in the locker room prepping before the National Championship. Stevens could feel nerves, tension, and anxiety coming from her young team and this was her way of letting them know that she had complete faith in each and every player.  In the story, the UCONN players saw the words, instantly began to breathe freely, they let the anxiety go, and went on to enjoy the game in the best way possible. 

When I was reading this it made me think that today, the day we restart the P-League, is a great day to remind our teams that “they are enough”!  Help them realize that we as their coach simply want them to be themselves on the field.  They have been working hard in practice and now it’s time to sit back and watch them play with values and sportsmanship, great effort, and to enjoy their teammates and competition.  

It’s fair to believe that the more we let our players know that “they are enough” and that we “love to watch them compete”, the more freely they will play.  And when feeling free to enjoy and be creative in the game, the more confident they will be in themselves to try things we have worked on in training.       

Everyone here at SLSG loves Friday night under the lights in the P-League.  We are all looking forward to seeing the kids on the field, smiling, competing, and finding joy in the game!  

Have a great weekend coaches!