St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

The Girls Structure, Competition Platforms, and Staffing

Important Club Info Announced for 2020-2021 Season

The Girls Structure, Competition Platforms, and Staffing

SLSG Girls Club Members,

On behalf of SLSG and the Girls Division, we hope all are staying healthy and safe!  We write to you at this time to continue pursuing one of our Division objectives; that of being as transparent as possible and provide timely communication to our very deserving club members.  And even in these uncertain times, we wish to deliver very certain actions surrounding our division structure, coaching line up for of each age group, and our process and timeline for 2020-21 team formation.

Division Structure (Competitive Programs) - Although the youth soccer world has been on pause, SLSG Girls continues to evolve.   Because of our clubs acceptance into the U13-U19 ECNL Regional League (Heartland Conference), we will be adding a layer to our overall club pyramid at the U13 and older age groups.  The club structure for 2020 can be seen in more detail on the next page through our club pyramid.

Coaching Line Up - SLSG Girls is several weeks ahead of schedule and has almost completely solidified and confirmed the coaching line up for the fall of 2020.  We are excited to announce the group of coaches who will be working with the SLSG girls A complete listing of teams and head coach (some assistants also announced) can be seen on following pages.

Team Formation/Player Placement Process - Due to Covid and the resulting fact we have not been able to continue and finish evaluating players throughout the spring months, the decision has been made to make very few changes to the team rosters for the Fall of 2020.  The only teams that may see some adjustments is those of the 2008 age group.  This is due to the fact these players will be going from a 9v9 to 11v11 playing format and require slightly bigger rosters as well as the introduction of new competition platforms.  To be clear, with 2008 being the exception, there will be minimum to zero club motivated change to the 2019/20 teams and rosters for the fall of 2020.


For a comprehensive and detailed look at the Girls Club Info visit the following link!

SLSG Girls!