St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Spotlight Team - 08 Fire

"I realized quickly that knowing the game and being able to teach the game were two very different things!"  A statement so true and honest, and it comes from one of our many committed club coaches, Kent Boyce.  Every week, without fail, Division Director Matt Stichling, receives Kent's recap, notes on the past week's session and games.  His consistently positive perspective on his team's improvement week in and week out is exactly why 08 Fire is our Spotlight Team.  08 Fire has had a string of positive results, but this isn't why the group is standing out as of late.  What SLSG Staff and fellow coaches have noticed is the smiles on the girl's faces as they compete on the field or when they are in the huddle off the field.  This year, especially, the girls have become a closer team, one that cares about more than just winning and losing games.  "I love coaching at Gallagher because of the Values of the club.  And I try to incorporate those values into everything I do with the team." 

As is normal with young teams in soccer clubs, the members of the team change from year to year as children try to figure out if soccer will be one of their passions, this holds true for many of our 08 teams.  "08 Fire is a team that has gone through normal changes over the past two years", said Division Director Matt Stichling.  "But Kent, alongside assistant coach Jeff Greminger,  instills a great work ethic in the team. And in teaching the girls how to work for each other, they have become really good friends.  You can see this in the way they play, so I think this will be a solid group for years to come". 

08 Fire has recently traveled to the Indiana Fire tourney where the team competed hard and had some great team bonding moments off the field.  They will also continue to play in our Premier League as well as participate locally in tournaments this spring.  SLSG's Director of Coaching Scott McDoniel had this to say about 08 Fire.  "As a staff, we are really proud of coaches, parents, and players such as Fire.  We have so many teams, like Fire, that represent the clubs values in a positive way.  The community appreciates this approach to the game, I can't thank Kent and Jeff enough for the experience they are providing these young ladies." 

08 Fire will be back in action in the P-League next week as they take on SLSG IL at the Soccer Park.  Everyone here at SLSG would like to thank Kent, Jeff, and all of the families for their continued support of the club and their dedication and commitment to helping the girls have a great soccer experience!