St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Phase 2


"The club realizes that the Placement Process can sometimes create angst. Individuals, teams, and age groups are well aware that the Placement Process is ongoing, especially in the spring months as the season heads towards summer break.  It is not the intention of the Club to continuously change the makeup of each individual team and possibly add stress to our members’ lives."

​Coaches, the club would like to thank all of you for making sure that families were informed and communicated with regarding ID2019.  All of the girls who were present at the ID Sessions last night worked hard with great attitude, and their play represented their respective teammates, coaches, and parents in a very positive way.

The ID Session last night marked the beginning of what we would call Phase 2 of the ID2019 process.  This is really the most difficult part of the process, as the quote above, taken from the original Player Placement Process document, describes.  At this point, we know there is are questions about "what is next?".   During the next two weeks the staff will work quickly and thoroughly to make sure all players, not just the ones attending ID sessions, have healthy and positive soccer environments for next season.  It is also a time when we ask coaches and all parents to be as patient as possible with us as we determine how we will move from one age group to the next with regards to teams, any changes to those teams, or any changes in coaching.

We know that the questions from parents, players, and even thoughts you as leaders of your team may have will begin to create some anxiety.  In our experience this process will be swift and we will create as little change as possible.  After next weeks Monday session we will have a very good idea as to how we will move forward in each of the 2009, 2008, and 2007 age groups and the directors will continue to communicate with all of you.  

Again, we were so encouraged with the players last night and their  positive reflection of your guidance and instruction in their soccer experience.  We are truly grateful for all you do with your teams and the families you invest your time and knowledge in each week.  The club cannot operate without your efforts so on behalf of the entire staff, thank you.

As always, if you have questions regarding anything please reach out to Stich or anyone of the staff at any time.  


Steve Pecher                                      Scott McDoniel

Club Director                                       Director of Coaching - MO Girls