St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Pathway and Placement Process Detailed



During our Winter Meeting we all participated in a brief, but what the club would consider very healthy and prodcutive, ideation session.  The objective;  to better understand how we can improve the overall club experience for players, parents, and our coaches.  One of the items placed on the "post-it board" multiple times, by coaches, was asking for a detailed explanation of the "Pathway" a player could travel throughout their time with SLSG as well as an explanation of the "Placement Process" for coaches and members alike.  Coaches, we are doing our best to listen to your requests and use the "post its" to do so, and in an effort to better communicate and be transparent with our 'process' the following document has been created to give insight as to what the clubs Mission and Philosophy is with regards to the Pathway and Placement of our players. 


The Placement Process (ID2019) has already begun in the younger age groups.  This document has been presented to coaches, managers, and parents of specific age groups (2007) and we have received positive feedback.  As always, if anyone has recommendations for continued enhancement of this information please feel free to contact the club or Scott McDoniel specifically at smcdoniel@slsgsoccer.com