St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

A Simple Reminder... We Can Do Better




To Be the Best Club in the Country

A Club that positively impacts the development of our players on AND off the field and positively impacts the community.


A bold statement indeed.  A lofty Mission.  However, it is one we take very seriously as a staff/club.  I know I speak for the rest of the staff, and others, when I say that there are any number of ways to define "best".  We can look at trophies collected, rankings, or business model.  We can point towards the number of players placed in National Teams, Colleges, or HS Teams,   We can weigh the quality of our member services, our programming, or our player development model.  But, and I think all will agree, most of what I just listed will be overlooked, shadowed, even tarnished if we as a club don't radiate a certain way of living both on and off the field.  

Pech and I have encountered an unusual number of "instances" in this new soccer season.  What do I mean by "instances"?  Well, it could be several different types of behavior or consequences for behavior from a player, parent/s, or coach/es.  Player yellow and red cards for language or decent.  Parents arguing with refs, opponents parents, and even the unthinkable - interacting in a negative way with an opposing teams players during the game.  Coaches being yellow carded, red carded, or being overly direct and loud (screaming) at very young players during training and matches.  What is an unusual number?  Ideally we would have zero instances reported.  But last year, throughout the entire season (July through June), Pech and I were made aware of four of these types of situations.  This year we have already dealt with eight such instances, several of them to be what we consider extreme.  

This reflects poorly on everyone in the club.  Not just one person, not just one coach, not just one team.  Everyone, including alumni and their families.  With President's Cup in motion, The Fall Festival kicking off this weekend, State Cup one week away, and then the Fall Classic to start November, we in Management, felt we as staff, coaches, managers, and parents are in need of a reminder that we cannot achieve anything close to "best" without radiating class both on and off the field.  To be frank, we can do better. Respectful, considerate, focused, elegant, well-mannered, fierce, witty, driven, funny, faithful, relentless, positive, competitive, and kind.  These are the words I think of when I see or hear the word class.  As one that wears many hats in life, including a parent to two athletes, I truly know that youth sport can be challenging for all of us involved.  Games can get heated.  Referees make mistakes.  Children get fouled in a not so fair way.  I know emotions are hard to control when our players or our children are involved.  But we must strive to be the "best" and this starts with the behaviors we reflect in the most challenging of moments the game presents.

There is the potential for so many great moments in the near future for our children, our players, our teams.  Lets coach, teach, cheer, support, and continue working to be the "best" as we head into the late fall and winter seasons!


Good luck to all this weekend!