St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Fifth Edition/Volume 6

444... This is not just a number loved by our fearless leader Mr. Steve Pecher.  This number, this week, represents the number of teams that will participate in the Fall Classic and Showcase.  The 444, consisting of teams/clubs from around the land, help to make this one of the biggest tournaments in the country and is a reflection of our club and our Mission;  To Be The Best Club in the Country.

I know I speak for all of SLSG when, specifically this weekend, we are going to attemtp to be the 'Best' hosts.  Competitve and Respectful.  Talented and Classy.  Gracious and helpful to all those who are attending our event.  And I think we shoulda all strive to leave a lasting impression on those that come to compete, one that is positive and inspiring.  

I have looked at the divisions and brackets in all of the age groups and no question, Mitch, our tireless Tournament Director, has put together an impressive and challenging set of games for all who have entered.   I'm really excited for the weekend and I hope all of you are as well.  

But before games start, let's make sure we remind ourselves and our teams/families of the coaches expectations on the sideline, and let us all work well with the referees this weekend, even in the most intense of situations.  Every year we receive notes from those who travel to our tourney, many from great distance, complimenting our administrators, staff, coaches, parents, and especially the sportsmanship of our players.  I have no doubt that we will receive this type of feedback again early next week.

Enjoy your matches this weekend, and thank you to those who are among the 444 competitng in the tourney this weekend!