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Director's Notes - Fourth Edition / Volume 5

Annual Coaches Meeting

Annual Coaches Meeting

Recap of the Winter Coaches Meeting

Welcome to 2019 coaches!  

On January 29th the MO Girls Division hosted its Annual Winter Coaches Meeting.  One short of seventy (70) Staff Coaches were in attendance showing great Unity and...

Program Director Updates - Steve Pecher



*Coaches, as always, remind your players to clean your training and game area of all trash, gear, and field accessories upon finishing your session time, thank you!

*Coaches, if you or your players misplace something please check the Lost & Found on the North Patio, thank you!

Coaching Development Program Updates - Dale Schilly SLSG Technical Director

PCA Image

PCA Image


Coaches, it was great to see so many of you at the Missouri Girls Coaches Meeting! 


Every time a group of coaches come together and sit together in a room, collaborate, and share ideas, this club...

Age Group Director/Coordinator Updates


Coaches, just a reminder to get Player Evaluations finished and copies sent to  

Thank you!!

**Age Group Director Notes**

Guest Players - As always coaches and managers we are eager to help you find players to round out your roster for the week.  It helps if we as Age Group Coordinators are given a few days notice, but nevertheless, you should always go through us when the "guest playing" topic surfaces.  



Age Group Director/Coordinators

Age Group Director/Coordinators

Club Training, Specialty Training & The Keepers Corner

Club Training Schedule

Club Training Schedule

Premier League Start Date - 2.23/24 OR P6 - 3.8

Club Training Start Date - 3.4

Saint Louis FC Home Opener - 3.9

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Welcome to SLSG MO Girls!


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Player Evaluation Template

Evaluation Template

Evaluation Template

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