St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Third Edition/Volume 7

As we make our way into the middle of April, now having played in several spring league games and maybe even a tournament or two, it is the perfect time to give our players a little "progress report".  This isn't something that the club officially mandates, but instead, a suggestion.  Why?  The simplest answer, taken from the 'Teacher of Teachers' Doug Lemov, "Feedback can be the most productive way to improve learning.  Feedback's purpose is not necessarily to make someone feel better, but to make someone perform better".  Assuming all our players have been given at least one hardcopy evaluation this season, giving them real concepts that they should try to improve upon, it may be beneficial to give them a little reminder as to what you discussed with them and if they have been able to put the feedback into action.  This can be as simple as a thirty-second conversation as your training session is about to start or, as I've witnessed some coaches do, hand each player an index card praising their efforts to improve in areas you have discussed.  No matter how this quick follow up to our evaluation from the winter is conducted, it is a great way to connect with each individual on your team as well as a way to continue giving them real-time guidance and teaching in this game we love.