St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Fourth Edition Volume 5

Welcome to 2019 coaches!  

On January 29th the MO Girls Division hosted its Annual Winter Coaches Meeting.  One short of seventy (70) Staff Coaches were in attendance showing great Unity and commitment to the club, as well as get updated on some of the latest happenings in the club, and as always take home some door prizes. Also, in an awesome reflection of Passion for the Club, for the first time the entire coaching staff participated in some "ideation",  For anyone that wasn't able to attend the meeting you can click on the either the green tab above or on the underlined Winter Coaches Meeting for the presentation link, there are some important dates on slide six (6) that you may want to mark down.

The meeting began as all our meetings do, a reminder of our Mission (To Be the Best Club in the Country), our Objectives (impact many, play the game in a respectful style, and win trophies), and our Purpose (to provide the best experience possible for our members).  The third piece, our Purpose, is where we spent most of our time discussing and thinking throughout this meeting.  Pech and the rest of us on the Staff wanted to hear from those of you coaches who are in the trenches each and everyday, helping and working with all of our members.  So we asked that each table of coaches become a team and give us some ways that this club could provide a better experience for our players, the families, and all of the coaching  staff (slide 7).  The "idea" was to gather  each and every recommendation from the coaches (table captains post-its on the board), filter and categorize them, and then challenge the Directors to take action.  All of this to continue working towards achieving our "Purpose", to provide the greatest experience possible.  

After reading all the responses from you, the coaches, it was quite obvious that we have an engaged, intelligent, and Passionate staff.  And this past Monday the Directors began to take a first crack at trying to categorize the different ideas in an effort to make a plan.  In the March Director's Notes, we will elaborate on the process we intend to take as we hope to continue improving this club for our members!

Yes, it's been said before, but thank you to all of the coaches who were in attendance, and thank you for your participation in the ideation session.  Every time we all gather in a room as we did on January 29th, it becomes more and more evident why we are thriving as a Division within this club;  our entire coaching staff is focused on our Mission, our Objectives, and our Purpose.