St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Fourth Edition Volume 4

To this day I can hear my dad, "Someone you will be up against in the future is out working on their game as we speak."  For some kids maybe this comment would have no impact, for me, it was crucial in who I was to become as a person and player.  I still think this to myself when I'm tired and maybe I want to push watching game film to the next day or I think to myself "I can prep for that meeting in the morning".  I think about what the best coaches or directors would do and I get back to work.  

An article I read, Our Children Become the Message They Hear, made me think about this comment from my dad, said so many years ago, and it's true, our children, our students, our players, can take to heart the things we say, teach, and demonstrate.  It is both humbling and at time overwhelmingly scary how much influence we can have on our players and their experience on and off the field.  

It seems a fitting day, this Thanksgiving Day, to simply say "THANK YOU", to all of you, coaches and managers alike.  Your time, energy, sacrifice for, and "impact" on the people of this club is immeasurable. Not every training or game can perfect, we all know this is never going to be the way of our sport.  But  I continue to hear, witness, and meet "good people/players" in this club and that is a reflection of great parents and positive coaching.  This is one way we can continue to help provide "10,000 experiences" for our players and that is by being a positive and impactful message in their life.

Coaches, have a great holiday, and please know that the Staff is appreciative of you!