St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

MYSA Team Registration

SLSG Club Registrars are responsible for creating player, coach, and manager cards.


All SLSG teams must have MYSA Roster and Player Cards.


The Team Managers are responsible for printing off the MYSA Roster and Player Cards.  

In addition, the managers must laminate the player cards.  The roster and player cards can be

downloaded by logging into your SLSG Club Issued GotSoccer Team Account and going to team profile and clicking on documents.  If you do not know your GotSoccer Team Account login, please email Matt Mueller at




1. After all players have been registered with their respective team, managers will need to request their respective player due report from the registrar showing who has registered and paid club fees from their team.


2. After registrar sends back the player due report, the manager will then need to work to get all players on the roster registered who have not completed the club fee registration process.


3. After completed, the club registrar will work with the manager to complete the MYSA Official Roster and Player Cards.

Please note that only those players who have registered with the club and paid their club fees, are eligible to get on the MYSA Official Roster and receive a MYSA Player Card.
Missouri Boys MYSA Roster and Player cards.
Missouri Girls MYSA Roster and Player cards.
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