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Adding A Player

Adding A Player

If your team has added a player(s) to your team mid-year, there will be several things you will need to help with to get him/her officially added to the roster.

  1. If they are coming from another club in which they have registered for the 2018-19 season, they will have to request a transfer from their current club.

    1. Families wishing to transfer to SLSG from outside the club should visit to get clarification on the MYSA rules involved with a transfer.

  2. Once a player’s transfer has been approved, that player will need to register with SLSG and pay club fees.  Please send them the info to do this. 

  3. The player will also need to register for SLSG within the Affinity system so that he/she may be added to an official MYSA roster. 

  4. You will need to help the new player with getting a uniform and training gear.  Please contact Bill Letchworth (Soccer Master) and Scott Clemenson (SLSG Gear) with how you need to go about doing each of these.  See the Uniform Orders page for contact info.

  5. Contact your club registrar (Shaunna Brandt) and notify them of the player that is being added so they can assist in getting them added to the roster.

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