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SLSG Manager,


Welcome to St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club!


The mission statement of SLSG Soccer Club is to build the best club in the country. A club that positively impacts the development of our players on and off the field and positively impacts our community.


In accordance with this mission statement, we need people like you to help build the best club in the country. The club truly appreciates your willingness and time to be the manager of your SLSG Team. Being a manager is no easy job, but we have provided information on this webpage that we feel will be helpful in completing the tasks necessary to make sure your team operates at a high level. 


For more information, please click on the "Manager's Meeting Notes" on the right side of this page.  We will continue to update the website over the course of the next month.  Please check back to this page for more details.


Thank you again for all your time and effort.



SLSG Soccer Club 

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