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Premier League Game Cards

Premier League Game Card

Important Information for SLSG Teams Participating in SLSG Premier League

While MYSA uses Affinity to generate all official rosters and player cards, SLYSA utilizes the GotSoccer platform for their league management. This means that you are required to have your roster updated in GotSoccer so that your game cards are generated with your roster already on there. This is not something the club does for you. Coaches and managers will be required to complete this for your team. Be sure that you are doing this in the same GotSoccer team account that you applied your team for SLYSA in, which should be a club-issued account. Contact your registrar for assistance with your GotSoccer account.

To update your roster in Gotsoccer for Premier League:

  • Log into Team account in (using the account you registered for league with)

  • Click on roster tab (grey bar)

  • To remove players no longer on the team - click on player's name - you will see a remove player button on

    lower portion of screen

  • To add a player - click button that says Register new player (blue bubble towards top right)

  • You will need to fill out the following: (these are only players on your official state roster)

  • Full name

  • ID # from Affinity - (put S behind the id if the player is a secondary player)

  • Gender

  • Birth date

  • Address, town, zip - put X

  • Email address - use parent/player email

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It is the responsibility of the home team to present the game card to the referee prior to the start of the match.  If the home team does not bring the game card to the match, they must report the game number along with score of the game to Eric Schmidt at

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