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Tryout Frequently Asked Questions


Why Do I Need to Create a Demosphere Account to Register for Tryouts?

Demosphere serves as the club’s registration and fee collection program for all teams. The club also sends out player placement notifications using Demosphere. Every player being offered a position on a team will need to be in the system in order to accept their placement for the upcoming season.


Where Are the Tryout Sessions Held?

The tryout sessions are held at the SLSG Collinsville Complex | 1046 McDonough Lake Road | Collinsville, IL 62234. The designated field(s) for each age group’s session can be found next to the training date and time on the tryout information page (a complex map is also located on the page). The staff will also help point your child(ren) to the appropriate space upon check-in.


What If My Child(ren) Cannot Attend Either or Both of the Tryout Sessions for His or Her Age Group?

Please notify the appropriate person of the situation so they may try to arrange for your child(ren) to attend an alternate session. For boys, contact Joe Wyland at or 314-517-5406. For girls, contact Laura Heffington at or 618-444-7798.


How Can I Help My Child(ren) Prepare for the Tryout Sessions?

Tryouts can cause some anxiety and nervousness for players. We recommend that players be themselves and put forth their best effort. Try to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on your child(ren) so they can solely focus on performing to the best of their abilities.


What Should We Do and Where Do We Go When We Arrive for the Tryout Sessions?

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the tryout session. When you arrive for the session, please go to the designated check-in area to inform the staff of your child(ren)’s presence for the session. There will be individual check-in stations for boys and girls to make the process as quick as possible. The designated check-in area is identifiable by pop-up canopies in front of the office building.


What Do My Child(ren) Need to Bring to the Tryout Sessions?

Players should wear cleats, shin guards, and appropriate training apparel for the anticipated weather. Returning players should wear the previous year’s training gear. We also request that players bring a water bottle and their own soccer ball.


Can I Observe the Tryout Sessions?

The club staff should be the only personnel on the field and speaking to the players during the sessions. We ask that anyone other than staff wishing to observe the sessions remain at a respectful distance from the field so that players can solely focus on performing at their best.  


How Are Players Selected for Teams?

Club staff uses the combination of performances from the past year (for returning players), attended training sessions, and the tryout sessions to determine the appropriate team placement for players.


How Are Players Notified of Their Team Placements?

The club sends out player placement notifications via email using the Demosphere registration program. Every player being offered a position on a team will need to have completed the tryout registration in order to receive placement for the upcoming season. Players are asked to respond to their placement invitation within 48 hours of receiving the notification.


Who should I contact if I have questions about the upcoming season?

The club’s age group directors will send out the player placement invitations through Demosphere. You may reach out to the designated director for your child(ren)’s age group.


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Tryout Contacts


Boys contact: Joe Wyland



Girls contact: Laura Heffington


SLSG Collinsville Complex