St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG Families Host Legacy Dodgeball Tournament

01/06/15 SLSG Soccer

SLSG members honored the late Joe Green and Pat Kalish with the second annual Legacy Dodgeball Tournament on Friday, January 2. Over $2,000 was raised through the entry fees and private donations by SLSG families, all going directly to the Living Legacy Fund.

Players pose for a photo at the 2nd Annual Legacy Dodgeball Tournament on January 2.

Joe Hipskind organized the all-day tournament at Gametime Sports in Chesterfield, Mo. He is the current coach of the younger brother of Joe Green, as well as the grandson of Pat Kalish. Joe said dodgeball is one of the favorite sports for young players.

“It’s good for the kids to remember Joe Green in a fun way like this,” Hipskind said. “It was a social event and the kids were playing basketball and kicking soccer balls around on the courts between games.”

A total of 160 SLSG players made up the 20 teams for the tournament. Hipskind thanked Ken Godat, Doug Dietrich and Nick Caruso, all of whom made private donations to the Fund.

Hipskind said the SLSG parents worked hard to spread awareness for the event, and attributed the large number of participants and donations to them.

“There are a lot of parents who really care about the Living Legacy Fund,” Hipskind said. “It was a social event for the kids and it all could not have happened without the support of their parents.”

Tiffanny Dupont, who also helped organize Legacy Dodgeball, said the sense of community at the event impressed her the most.

“Kids in SLSG are so competitive, but this event wasn’t about that,” Dupont said. “I think the kids knew this event was not about being on a team, but being a part of a family which is what we are at SLSG.”

All money raised will benefit young players in the SLSG organization in the form of scholarships.

“The money is great for those Living Legacy recipients because it gives them the chance to play the game we all love,” Dupont said.