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SLSG Announces Partnership with My Best Fitness Friends

SLSG Announces Partnership with My Best Fitness Friends


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – St. Louis Scott Gallagher announced a partnership with My Best Fitness Friends which will offer total-body group workout classes to SLSG members during weekly practices.


My Best Fitness Friends is a mobile fitness truck that delivers certified personal trainers and equipment to busy individuals throughout St. Louis.  They will be present at pre-determined SLSG training nights which will be communicated on social media.


“As parents, we understand the struggles of balancing it all,” said My Best Fitness Friends founder Elizabeth Savens. “Having children at SLSG, we’ve recognized an opportunity and want to help other parents maximize their time spent at Soccer Park.  By introducing 45 minute, total-body group workouts, during weekly practices, we are hoping to achieve this!"

"St. Louis Scott Gallagher is excited to partner with My Best Fitness Friends,” said SLSG Partnerships Services Manager Craig McLaurine. “This is a fantastic service promoting healthy lifestyles to our members while fitting into their busy schedules."



The link below will take clients directly to the registration page specifically set up for SLSG with all the dates and times available to choose from.  They will receive a thank you/confirmation email after they’ve registered along with the instructions to arrive 5-10 minutes early and bring a water bottle.  




“A huge thank you to SLSG for allowing My Best Fitness Friends to serve the parents within the soccer community through this wellness opportunity,” added Savens. “We are so excited for this partnership and can’t wait to workout with you!”