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All You Need To Know About The Restructuring of the SLSG Girls ECNL Programs





Why is SLSG making some organizational changes to it’s programming?

  • SLSG’s leadership is always working to do its absolute best to share, uniform, and bridge philosophy, methodology, and resources.  Furthermore, the directors are always trying to find the best ways to provide the best soccer experience possible for each and every player in the club.


Is the SLSG Girls Division “Merging” it’s ECNL Programs?

  • No.  The SLSG Girl ECNL Teams are NOT merging, meaning the Navy (Missouri) and White (Illinois) Programs are not coming together to become one.  They will both still be in existence next year as will both the Navy and White Regional League Teams.


If they are not merging, what are the organizational changes SLSG is making and formally announced on November 15, 2020?

  • There are two distinct changes in how the SLSG girls division will operate next year with regards to the ECNL Programs.  
    • SLSG has viewed and managed its players as two different groups.  One group in Illinois and another group in Missouri.  Now SLSG will view and manage the player pool as one, rather than two separate entities as they have in the past.
    • The ECNL White Program now operating in Illinois, will relocate to Missouri.   


What does the new competitive platform structure look like?

  • SLSG will still operate all of it’s competitive platforms in 2021.  The ECNL Programs will be the Navy and White both located in Missouri.  And SLSG will continue to have two ECNL Regional League programs, one located in Missouri, one operating in Illinois.


Why did SLSG not relocate the SLSG White ECNL-RL Program?

  • SLSG feels each and every player and staff member is important.  So for those players who desire an East location for their soccer experience, the club felt it imperative to offer a top competition platform for these players.  And make no mistake, the ECNL White-RL program is the top competitive platform for girls in Southern IL.  The directors who are close to ECNL leadership continue to grow excited about the RL’s eminent evolution.  The ECNL will continue to be progressive in its development of both national and regional leagues and we believe the RL is going to become quite special for its players.  


Is the Division still tiered?  And if so, what is the structure?

  • Yes.  Because SLSG’s player placement philosophy puts players of “like-mind” and “like-ability” in similar soccer environments, the system naturally becomes a tiered system.  Next year the ECNL Programs will be Navy and White, Navy will function as the top level.


How much will each Program Cost?  Club Fee?  Team Fee?

  • All fees in each program will be similar to what they are in 2020.  The Club Fee was $1,050.  The Team fee for ECNL and ECNL Regional League programs will differ because of the difference in cost for league/s and travel.  This fee will be determined as the season schedule becomes more clear but should not exceed this years fees.


Who can I contact for information regarding SLSG’s Girls ECNL Programming?

What is the “process” of restructuring the ECNL and ECNL-RL Programming?

  • The Club has invested hundreds of hours into evaluating its members/players as they develop, train, and compete in their current teams.  To compliment the daily evaluations, the club will host ID Sessions throughout the winter and spring of 2021 to establish rosters for the 2021/22 season.  ID Session Schedule can be found by clicking here - ID Sessions -. 

Will SLSG still offer the same professionalism in each Program?

  • ABSOLUTELY!  SLSG prides itself in operating professional programs throughout the division.  Professional staff, first class facilities, position specific training, goalkeeper training, team training three times per week on average, performance training, college placement assistance, full regional league schedule, and a national showcase schedule.  Younger teams will continue to play in SLYSA and other tournaments to compliment this already full competition calendar.  


Where will the teams of each program practice?  And at what time of evening?

  • Both ECNL Navy and White will practice in Missouri at either Soccer Park in Fenton or the Creve Coeur Soccer Complex.  
  • The ECNL Navy-RL teams will train in Missouri locations of Soccer Park in Fenton or the Creve Coeur Soccer Complex.
  • The ECNL White-RL teams will train in IL locations of Collinsville or O’Fallon.


Do both the ECNL National Platform and Regional Platform have a full competitive schedule?

  • Both the ECNL and ECNL-RL Programs will offer a full regional competition as well as a national showcase schedule as they have in the past.  


Will SLSG still compete in USYS State Cup?

  • Yes.  SLSG Navy RL teams will participate in State Cup.  In addition, Directors will continue to monitor the game-load each team could potentially have, and if the schedule is determined to be beneficial to the teams, MWC could also be included in the competition calendar.  SLSG will also look at different US Club regional competitions for ECNL White-RL if it is determined that it will fit and benefit the competition calendar for these teams.


Will SLSG still compete in SLYSA, MWC, or US Club Regional Competitions?

  • Yes.  When looking at these competitions, each team inside each program will determine if these competitions are appropriate and don’t overload the competitive schedule.  In past seasons, the U13 and U14 teams have competed in SLYSA, and the RL programs have competed in MWC to fill out the competitive schedule for certain teams.  The decision to compete in these competitions will be made closer to the seasons beginning next summer.


Will SLSG’s ECNL & ECNL-RL attend college showcases?

  • Yes.  Both the ECNL and ECNL-RL will attend multiple college showcases at older (high school) ages.  


Will SLSG continue to help families who desire assistance with the college recruiting process?

  • SLSG will continue to assist families with college placement.  In the past the club has hosted college recruiting nights, a college ID camp, and SLSG specializes in promoting its players through college showcases. 


Will athletes be able to play in SLSG’s ECNL & ECNL-RL programs and play other sports at the same time?

  • Yes.  All SLSG athletes, regardless of what program they are a member of, are allowed to play other sports at the same time they play for SLSG.  We also encourage and support our players playing for their respective schools in the spring months.


Will athletes be able to participate in SLSG’s ECNL & ECNL-RL programs and also play HS Soccer?

  • Yes.  SLSG encourages players to represent their school soccer team during the spring months.


How many players will be placed on each roster?  And who will evaluate and determine where players fit within each roster?

  • The Staff will not “set” a number for each roster.  There could be anywhere from 14-18 players on an individual roster at U13-U17.  The ECNL rules set its oldest age group as a U19 age group (U18 and U19 as one team), these teams are usually a little larger and have had up to 22 players on its official roster.  


Will SLSG conduct ID Sessions for those who are not currently registered in SLSG?

  • Any player, both current SLSG members or those who are not currently with SLSG, interested in pursuing an ECNL or ECNL-RL program can attend ID Sessions that are scheduled for the winter and spring months.


Who will be coaching/training the players in each of the competitive platforms?

  • At this time the current Staffs of the ECNL and ECNL-RL platforms remain intact.  No formal changes have been made within any team or program. SLSG will formally announce next year's program staffs in the new year but anticipate few if any changes.


When will rosters be announced for the 2021/22 seasons?

  • Following a thorough ID process and evaluation, rosters will be communicated for the new season in May/June of 2021.