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Living Legacy Adds Tracy Grose As Newest Honoree

Living Legacy Adds Tracy Grose As Newest Honoree


The Living Legacy Scholarship Fund has recently added a new Honoree, whose life we will not only miss, but will seek to celebrate and pay homage to through giving back to those that may not be as fortunate. 


Tracy Grose, born in St. Charles, MO, was an NCAA Soccer Coach and former professional soccer player, whose career first stemmed from a very familiar institution within the St. Louis community...youth soccer. 


Tracy played for J.B. Marine as a youth, and went on to play collegiately for Indiana University, and later professionally for the Indiana Blaze and Carolina Courage. It was after retirement that she looked back on her youth days, and recognized the importance of doing everything she can, as a former player, to give today’s kids the kinds of opportunities that were once awarded to her. 


Tracy began donating her time and money towards helping other youth organizations, not just for soccer, but any teams looking to help kids get out on the field. Tracy, before passing, had this to say about donating to a local youth softball team:  “I’m trying to pay it forward, without help I wouldn’t have been able to play soccer much less be on a good team and travel as a kid. I love what you guys are doing for your kids.”


“This is why we are working to set up a Legacy Fund for our Tracy,” said Tracy’s mother. “She always wanted kids to have the same opportunities as athletes to follow their passion as she had during her youth.” 


St. Louis Scott Gallagher, though not the club that Tracy played for, is honored to help the Grose family set up a fund that honors and celebrates the life, mission and passion that Tracy lived out every single day. 


If you would like to donate to the Living Legacy Fund, and honor the life of Tracy Grose by giving those less fortunate young athletes the opportunity to continue playing the game they love, then please consider donating. Our donation page can be reached by clicking here.