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St. Louis Scott Gallagher Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the key dates in a soccer season?

Generally, the following key dates apply:

  • A season generally runs from August through Thanksgiving and February through Memorial Day.  However, there are many activities that teams participate in outside of those time periods. The competition calendar is generally finalized before the season and communicated to the families.

  • Club registration generally occurs in May (Illinois) and June (Missouri)

If I need help, who can I contact?

Below are some Key Contacts at SLSG who can help you find answers:


MO Registration Assistance - Shaunna Brandt (

IL Registration Assistance - Kyle Riebeling (

Financial Assistance for MO Family - Michelle Chapman (

Financial Assistance for IL Family - Justin Bernaix (


Living Legacy Scholarship Program – Kip Thompson (

Fan Shop & Merchandise – Scott Clemenson (


How do I get a uniform?

Uniforms are ordered through My Uniform – an online system operated by Soccer Master.  You will receive an email from the system after your team manager activates the system for the season.  


What League will my child participate in?

SLSG operates the Premier League which is an in-house program specifically designed to create a positive, focused environment for soccer development.  Additionally, the Premier League allows staff to instill the Shield Values (Passion, Unity, Respect, Tradition & Humility) and proper conduct for players, coaches, parents and referees.  SLSG teams also participate in local, regional and national leagues. Ask your coach or manager for specific details regarding your team’s league of competition.


Which facilities are operated by SLSG?

SLSG operates three (3) facilities in the metropolitan area.  Those facilities are located in Fenton (World Wide Technology Soccer Park), Collinsville, Illinois (SLSG Collinsville) and St. Charles County (SLSG Mid Rivers).  SLSG has invested millions of dollars in these facilities for the benefit of our players now and in the future. The cooperation of our SLSG Families is appreciated to keep all of our facilities clean, safe and enjoyable.


SLSG also conducts programming at non-owned facilities throughout the area including:  Creve Coeur Soccer Complex, Vetta Sports Clubs among others. Treating all facilities with Respect is a key expectation of being an SLSG Family.


What is the Living Legacy Fund?  What is Upper 90?

The Living Legacy Fund was created to provide scholarships to players who live and play by the Shield Values, but may not have the financial means to participate.  This critical program allows SLSG to include players from all backgrounds and circumstances, regardless of their financial situation.


Upper 90 is SLSG’s Community Outreach program that encourages our players and teams to give back to those less fortunate.  Through our commitment to positively impacting our community, teams, families and players are active throughout the year with local charities, social service organizations and other worthy causes.


What happens at the end of the season?

At the end of each soccer season (generally late-Spring for most teams), coaches will begin assessing players for the following season.  Additionally, there may be ID sessions for players who are looking to advance to a higher level.  It is important to have good dialogue with your coach so that all parties can work toward the best situation for your child.  Parents are welcome to consult SLSG staff if they have questions about this process.

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