St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Performance Training Center

The SLSG Performance Training Center (PTC) is where youth and pro athletes go to improve away from the ball! Speed, recovery, power, agility, strength, and balance are areas of focus for players who visit the PTC. Soccer requires athletic development in addition to technical development. SLSG is proud to be the only local club with performance training facilities on-site and operated by a full-time staff.


The SLSG Performance Training Center is located at the World Wide Technology Soccer Park in the northwestern corner of the complex.


The Performance Training Center offers the following equipment for our athletes:

  • Flexibility & Recovery — Foam Rollers, Stretch Ropes/Bands
  • Power — Medicine Balls, Jam Balls, Drive Sleds, Training Ropes
  • Speed & Agility — ABC Ladders, Overspeed Trainers, Agility Rings
  • Strength — Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, Dumbbells
  • Balance — BOSU Trainers, Balance Discs
  • Bodyweight Training —TRX & Jungle Gym Suspension Trainers